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Camseng has been long-serving wholesale food suppliers of a variety of international cuisines for the last 25 years. We are firm believers that each cuisine reflects the culture and tastes of its nation. For this reason, we have created our blog area, within our new e-commerce site, to inspire you with traditional recipes and interesting articles about food lifestyle and choices!

Food cultures explained

As suppliers of Asian, Asian Fusion, Indian, European and Fast Food, we understand the importance in creating authentic and delicious dishes. Each cuisine has its own individual methods of cooking and key ingredients; giving them their unique taste.

Asian cuisine

In terms of ingredients, a staple element of each country's traditional meals is rice. Rice has been farmed in China for thousands of years and is the most consumed crop for those living in lower to middle-income countries. As a simple ingredient, it can be used as the foundation for more complex and diverse dishes. 

To cook up a more complex dish, spices, sauces and oils are used such as ginger, soy or fish sauces and ghee oil.

The most popular cooking method with Asian cuisine is stir frying. This is a quick and easy way to ensure an abundance of vegetables and noodles maintain their high nutritional value. 

Asian fusion

Asian Fusion has become a culinary trend in recent years, the concept is based upon the idea of mixing two different Asian cuisines into one to produce exciting combinations. However, this technique has been present since the 1970s when cultures came together to share their most beloved dishes.

Typical ingredients found in Asian Fusion recipes are rice noodles alongside diverse menus such as curries. 


Indian cuisine

Indian food is renowned for its distinctive spices and aromas and has become a favourite between UK citizens due to the multicultural society in which we live. Essential spices used in Indian restaurants consist of garam masala, cumin, and turmeric which bring depth and colour to typical dishes such as tandoori chicken and chicken tikka masala recipes. 

The most commonly used cooking methods within the Indian food culture are tempering and frying to fill the kitchen with authentic aromas.

European food

It is said that European Food was established by royals and people of a noble level, because of this European food is often celebrated for its excellent presentation and bringing together large groups of people over a delicious dish. 

Popular elements to European food include; pasta, seafood and fresh dairy products 

Potato is the main starch ingredient in European diets as well as pasta as a result of diverse vegetation and vast coastal areas. 

Camseng are key suppliers in European food across the UK and Ireland as we deliver fresh ingredients such as salad supplies, tomato based sauces and homemade pizza dough.

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