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There is a reason people have been drinking tea for thousands of years. As various studies vouch for the benefits of regularly drinking tea, it is hence considered tea can have a lasting impact on wellness.

But are some teas better than others? Camseng’s guide to our range of teas is here to help you see the benefits hiding in your cuppa!

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are made of tea leaves blended with spices, herbs, plants, or fruit. They are naturally caffeine-free.

Herbal teas have been used for centuries in the East to heal and nourish the body. They are seen as an important part of good health with medicinal benefits. This is why their popularity has also grown in the West.

In general, the benefits of drinking herbal tea are better mental alertness, aid in weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and a reduction in the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Try these popular herbal teas available at Camseng:

Ginger tea is a popular cold and flu remedy in China (often mixed with brown sugar) as inhaling the steam of ginger tea aids with respiratory issues like congestion and allergies.

It is also known for easing morning sickness and helping with digestion. In addition, drinkers of ginger tea benefit from increased blood circulation.

Made from dried Chrysanthemum flowers, this popular tea has a cooling effect. It is a strong antibiotic, reduces fever and lowers blood pressure, and is favoured by office workers as it relieves the strain computers place on the eyes.

This tea is often served with sugar for added sweetness around Chinese New Year or in the summer to cool off. And don’t be surprised if you discover flowers in the teapot!

Chrysanthemum tea is not suitable for everyone and shouldn’t be drunk daily.

Considered the least processed and most drunk tea in China, green tea has taken the world by storm as a ‘medicine tea’ and a dietary aid. It is considered to have originated from China.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and high in flavonoids. It is great for boosting overall health and brain function, as well as reducing blood clotting. Studies have also shown green tea can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke and cancer. The tea’s anti-inflammatory qualities will also keep your skin glowing!

Just take care when brewing green tea – high heat destroys some of the beneficial chemicals, whereas too low heat won’t allow the tea to brew correctly.

Where green tea already sports benefits galore, its other form – matcha – contains even more antioxidants.

Made from the same plant as green and black tea, the difference with oolong tea is in the fermentation process – it is fermented longer than green tea but less than black tea. Its taste varies from sweet to woody depending on its production style.

The benefits of antioxidant-rich oolong tea are many. It contains l-theanine which reduces anxiety and increases alertness, making it a good aid in preventing cognitive diseases. Particularly in the West, it has also been marketed as a diet tea due to its metabolism-increasing qualities.

Best served an hour after dinner, oolong tea is often drunk in the autumn months.

Jasmine tea is normal tea flavoured with jasmine flowers. Because it comes from the tea plant it is not considered a herbal tea.

Regardless, fragrant jasmine tea still boasts many healing properties and has many falling in love with its unique, soft taste.

Drinking jasmine tea improves digestion, reduces stress, resists ageing, relieves pain, and boosts metabolism. Jasmine also has symbolic meanings in Chinese culture; it is thought to symbolise love, beauty and purity.

Jasmine tea was created in Fujian, a southeast coastal province of China.

Serving jasmine tea to guests is considered a sign of hospitality.

Keep calm and drink tea

Chinese tea culture has its roots in history and tradition, and today, it is a common accompaniment to friends meeting up.

Tea is considered a thirst quencher and an aid to better health. It is best to drink it hot between meals.

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