The Ultimate World Chocolate Day Movie Night!

World Chocolate Day is just around the corner bringing with it the perfect excuse to indulge in a basketful of everything chocolatey and dreamy!

With its rich, silky-smooth texture and unique flavour, it’s no surprise that there is a whole day dedicated to this much loved treat. Why not curl up and enjoy a movie night accompanied by your favourite chocolate treats to celebrate this amazing day? 

At Camseng we celebrate this day with pride and as a proud Asian food-store we present to you our guide to the perfect Asian movie night:

world chocolate day

Movie Recommendations:

The number one key element to help you enjoy a good movie night is selecting something gripping and enjoyable for all. Asian movies are celebrated and loved everywhere in the world and it comes at no surprise as they are dramatic and packed full of plots and exciting story lines. Here are our favourites:

The man from nowhere

An action packed full movie, with a touching story line, this is the perfect movie for anyone looking for a gripping thriller. This south Korean thriller follows the story of a quiet shopkeeper who takes on a drug and organ trading gang in search of his best friend. Emotional and heart touching, this will no doubt keep you entertained throughout the evening. 

I saw the devil

Gory and violent, yet thrilling and captivating, this crime movie is a twisted yet stunningly captured story of murder and revenge. The story evades the lines of good and evil and features a fanatical cat and mouse game between a psychopathic serial killer and former elite special agent. Bound to leave you gripping your seats, this is the perfect movie for any action lovers. 

Kabhi khushi kabhie gam

One of the most celebrated films of Bollywood, this romance film is a straight 10/10. Packed to thfull of drama and bound to make anyone cry, this is a definite hit with everyone. The film features the storyline of a young brother’s search for his older brother who was banished for marrying a middle class woman. Whether it’s your 50th time watching this or your first time, this film will not disappoint.

movie night snacks

Aside from these there are so many more Asian masterpieces out there waiting for you to watch them. We recommend trying Netflix or Amazon prime for a huge selection of great Asian movies. 

A few more favourites we recommend include:

Let the bullets fly

Spirited away

Khuda kay liye

The Perfect Chocolatey Movie Snacks

Now that you’ve decided on your movie, the most important step in the movie experience is pairing it with snacks. Quite rightly because it’s chocolate day, the have to be chocolatey right (any excuse to have chocolate). 

Here are some Asian snacks we recommend to help you celebrate world chocolate day with style:

1. Pocky

A popular Japanese snack loved in and out of Japan, Pocky chocolate covered biscuit sticks are the perfect biscuit and chocolate combination. With a crunchy biscuit covered in smooth indulgent chocolate and available in so many flavour varieties, Pocky never fails to impress.  What better way than to finish your movie with a crunch!

2. Buono Frozen Chocolate Mochi Ice 

What better way to celebrate world chocolate day than with Japanese chocolate ice cream bites covered in white chocolate.  Buono Frozen Chocolate Mochi Ice are the epitome of sweet snacks! Pair your Buono Mochi ice with an ice cream cone or eat them on their own. Either way, you’ll know you’ve celebrated world chocolate day in the best way possible!

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