Crispy Duck Pancakes Served with Hoisin Sauce

Steaming soft mandarin pancakes, paired with crispy fiery peking duck dipped in a rich red hoisin sauce embellish the streets of China. With roots that stem back centuries, it’s no shock that crispy duck pancakes are a popular street food dish in China and are well known across the globe. Let’s break down this popular dish for you!

Chinese Pancakes

The Peking Duck

Traditionally peking duck is roasted whole in wood fire ovens leaving a beautifully crispy skin. The meat is skilfully carved into thin slices and served up with mandarin pancakes and a side of different condiments including; hoisin sauce, scallions and julienned cucumber. Many have added their own western twists to this popular street food which is why we’ve cooked up for you a list of traditional and non-traditional methods to enjoy this special dish:

How to make crispy duck pancakes:

To make the pancakes:


240g plain flour

250ml of boiling water (must be boiling) – extra for adjusting

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

Method : 

1. In a large bowl stir together the flour and the water

2. Leave aside to cool

3. Knead until a smooth dough is formed

4. Leave to rest for 15-20 minutes

5. Divide the dough into small balls 

6. Flatten one ball and brush with some oil

7. Place another ball directly on top and roll out into a circle 

8. Prepare a pan that has been lightly greased with a little oil 

9. Pan fry the pancake on medium heat until dotted with brown dots on one side before turning over and evenly cooking the other side. Repeat the process for all other pancakes 

To Make the Duck: 

Ingredients : 

1 tbsp Chinese five spice 

1 tbsp honey 

2 duck breasts 

Splash of soya sauce 

Method : 

1. Mix together the Chinese 5 spice, honey and soy sauce and spread it on both sides of the duck breast 

2. Heat a lightly greased pan and place the duck breasts down skin side and cook for 3-5 mins. Turn the duck breasts around and cook the other side for 3-5 mins 

3. Place the duck breasts in a baking tray and cook for another 15 minutes.

4. Shred the duck breasts into strips

5. Serve up with the pancakes and enjoy

Ways to enjoy your crispy duck pancakes:

With a side of hoisin sauce 

The classic and traditional method of enjoying this dish is with a side of hoisin sauce. Smear a dollop of this tantalising dip onto your pancakes and enjoy. 

With a side of plum sauce 

Putting an English twist on an Asian dish never sounded so good. Sweet yet tangy, paired with the spicy duck and soft pancakes, plum sauce will without doubt take your crispy duck pancakes into a whole other food realm. It’s a risk worth taking!

With a side of cucumber and spring onions 

A traditional side of salad can never do you wrong! Pairing your crispy duck pancakes with this healthy alternative will ensure you get the best of both worlds. 

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