How to make sushi at home

As one of the major symbols of Japanese culture and a cuisine that has taken the world by storm in recent decades, it’s not surprising that sushi - with its extraordinary combination of seaweed, rice and raw fish,  has become a staple in many people’s lives. The delicate yet tantalising taste of sushi is one that not many cuisines can match. Not only is it a master in the world of flavours, sushi is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world with a perfect combination of nutrients for a well-balanced meal. Sushi has low levels of fat but high levels of carbohydrates, proteins omega acids and vitamins. 

Easy sushi recipe

Taking it back to the 8th Century, originally raw fish was preserved in a bed of fermented rice which allowed the fish to be eaten at a later date. Later, people began eating the fish with the rice it was preserved in and it became known as a dish called “nare-zushi” (still available today) . As years went by “nare-zushi” evolved and in the 19th Century Hanaya Yohei invented Haya-zushi, or “quick sushi,” which is the form of sushi we see today. From there, Sushi quickly spread across Japan and became a staple in every home. In recent years sushi has taken over the world and became a luxury cuisine for many around the world due to its unique taste and combination. 

How to make your own sushi

Whilst it takes years to gain the title of “taisho” or sushi master, there is always a first step you have to take to try to get there.

The thought of rolling rice perfectly to make sushi might sound daunting,  however you can purchase a bamboo kitchen mat and nori seaweed and easily get rolling yourself. 

How to make sushi
  1. Place your nori seaweed on the bamboo mat.
  2. Create a layer of rice using boiled rice mixed with rice vinegar and sugar leaving the top 1/3 section uncovered.
  3. Thinly layer with your chosen filling and get rolling.
  4. Tightly seal with water and cling film.
  5. Chill until it is firm and then slice into rolls.
  6. Serve with soy sauce or wasabi to give it a kick of extra flavour. Tada! 

Try some of these super easy sushi filling ideas below for a fun girls sushi night or to spice up a lockdown date night.

Easy Sushi filling ideas.

1. Cucumber and Tuna Rolls 

Get the best of both worlds with fish and veggies. Cucumber and tuna is an old but gold filling idea thats loved by many. It has the perfect ratio of crunch and flavour. Simply layer small wedges of cucumber and a thin layer of tuna. 

2. Smoked Salmon Sushi Rolls 

Smoked salmon aka the ultimate filling for sushi. Layer smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado on the inside for the perfect roll. Add on a slice of salmon sashimi on the top and you’ve got the heart of any hard-core salmon enthusiast right there!

Easy sushi filling
Sushi recipe

3. Philadelphia rolls

Cream cheese is the epitome of all cheeses so it is a no brainer that Philadelphia sushi filling will blow your mind. On your seaweed and rice, slice small salmon pieces or tuna, add some cucumber and peppers for a crunch and then layer with avocado and cream cheese. You’ve just made the ultimate Philadelphia roll! 

4. Rainbow Quinoa sushi rolls

Quinoa comes to the sushi rescue for those who want to go lighter on the starches or for those who simply don’t like rice. Replace the white rice component in your sushi with quinoa. For a fun and colourful quinoa sushi roll, layer some cabbage, red peppers and cucumbers to create a colourful rainbow quinoa sushi 

Get rolling on your quest to becoming the next best 'taisho'! 

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